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May 26, 2017 Online Business online Business Advertising 0

Advertising is one of the best home business online because all businesses out there either online or offline need advertising to promote their products and services.So This is a summary of the ingredients of the best home business from A to Z, aiming this conclusions helpful to you to start an advertising business.

Advertising agency:

Start-up cost:

$7000- $20,000

Potential Earnings:

$ 35,000 -$75,000

Typical fees:

$75–$150 per hour,a monthly retainer,or a per-job basis.Advertising: Networking,ads in trade publications,participation in local chamber of commerce., and a website that is a true showcase of your company’s talents.


Knowledge of design ,layout,and typography,;writing skills;experience working with businesses on brand and identity development.

Equipment needed:

Cell phone,computer with internet access and full suite of presentation and design software ;high resolution color printer;scanner;digital camera;fax;copy machine;business cards.

Staff required:

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Hidden costs:

Your high-end Website cost you some money to design and host,but it’s worth its weight in gold for helping you quickly secure a high profile in the marketplace.

What You Do?

If you are motivated and highly skilled you can build up a home-based business ad agency serving clients in a specialized area.

You need to educate your customers about the value of advertising.

Keys To Success in Advertising:

Advertising is a rewarding business because it depend heavily upon ideas and creativity and connected directly to business results.

Successful personal ad agency develop close relationships with clients, you’ll be serving a group of people that you know and enjoy working with .

As a one man band you must be able to do all the activities of the advertising process as:writing ,design and promotion.What sets your business apart from others?


that sets your business away from others,you want to make sure that you really provide top notch service the client’s looking for to keep them coming back asking for more.


So starting the best home business advertising is very rewarding because the great potential that you can earn if you preform the business well and follow the steps outlined above.


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