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Warning About Working From Home With Your Spouse

May 26, 2017 Business For Housewives Tips For Working From Home 0

Have you thought about working from home or perhaps you already are and you have the pleasure of having your spouse at home as well? Its something that many couples dream about until it actually comes to past. If not handled properly it could easily tear apart the marriage and family.

The good thing about working from home is that you can enjoy the benefits of flexible schedule and spend more time with your spouse and family. You can work towards achieving your shared goals and dreams and establish a legacy that you might be able to pass down to your children or perhaps grandchildren.

There are some pitfalls that you need to also think about regarding working from home with your spouse such as; Lack of corporate benefits i.e., health insurance and retirement plans, working too many hours and weekends, neglecting your spouse and/or family obligations, getting on each others nerve and the list goes on. Be warned that it takes patience and discipline to work from home with your spouse.

5 Tips To Follow About Working From Home

Respect each other. Working together at home with your spouse will give you the opportunity to see your spouses work skills and knowledge up close and personal. You will at times be at odds about priorities and how to get things done. Its important to be respectful at all times and not let your drive and passion to succeed get in the way of loving and respecting your spouse.

Remember marriage and children come first. The priority can easily be mixed up when the pressure is on to earn the doe for the bread and butter. Its of little value to succeed in the business but lose your family in the process.

Establish working at home boundaries. Its important to establish work hours and days and times that are devoted to family and leisure. Dont allow the business to take over your home and life. Work out the schedule where you arent each working separate 12 hours shifts as this will suck the romance and life out of your marriage.

Separate the business from marriage. Your marriage is more important than your working from home business. Dont let the business be the only thing you talk about or do together. If you have some hobbies or date nights dont let working from home get in the way of your marriage.

Reward and take care of yourselves. Make sure you celebrate your accomplishments and this includes taking a vacation if finances allow you to. Dont think you can never take a break from working at home. You need to be able to get away and enjoy each other and your family.

Obviously if you are thinking about working from home you are weighing all of the positives and negatives that go along with it.

It can be a very rewarding and fulfilling experience working from home with your spouse and not be tied to a 9 – 5 job, which is stable up until the day you get handed your pink slip.

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